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First launched in July 2023, DÊ Hot Sauce is a handmade chili sauce product, the brainchild of DÊ. From the very first taste of the initial experimental batch of chili sauce, I decided to introduce the product widely to satisfy the community of spice lovers.

Produced and processed right here in Saigon, I take pride in selecting natural, locally sourced ingredients, with no preservatives. Ensuring freshness from ingredients to finished products for every order.

In addition to online retail, DÊ is currently supplying its chili sauce products to restaurants in Saigon, Đà Lạt, and Hanoi at special prices for the Ho.Re.Ca channel. Furthermore, DÊ is always open to collaboration projects.

Feel free to contact DÊ for more details!

From @de.can.cook!



  • The chili pepper varieties used for DÊ Hot Sauce are meticulously selected from clean, local farms in Đà Lạt, along with carefully chosen spices from reputable, professional suppliers.
  • Each bottle of chili sauce delivered to consumers is handcrafted in limited quantities to ensure the highest quality, consistency, and constant freshness.
  • All products are entirely processed from natural ingredients, without the use of preservatives and do not include animal-derived ingredients, making them suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.


  • As a spice enthusiast who particularly enjoys spicy dishes, DÊ Hot Sauce exclusively creates chili sauces and satay sauces from a variety of chili peppers, ranging from moderately spicy varieties like Bird's Eye Chili and Scotch Bonnet, to extremely hot chili peppers such as the Trinidad Scorpion and Carolina Reaper.
  • DÊ Hot Sauce promises flavors ranging from spicy to super spicy for the community of spice lovers. (Many customers who don't typically enjoy spicy foods have tried and come to enjoy them!)


  • After a long period of experimenting and exploring various chili sauces, I noticed that many people shared my passion for spice but hadn't found a product that truly satisfied their taste buds.
  • To create a truly unique flavor, DÊ has developed its own processing methods, breaking all previous rules by blending and combining flavors from various dishes and cultures to deliver the most distinctive and different chili sauce taste.
  • More than just being spicy, DÊ Hot Sauce believes that delicious chili sauce should enhance rather than overpower the original flavors of a dish.

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